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Kitchen & Bathroom Drains

Kitchen sink, bathroom sink & tubs, shower drains, laundry & grey water main lines clogged completely, overflowing or running slow.

Video Inspection

Using a video camera, we can determine if main lines have structural integrity or root infiltration; broken lines can be confirmed.  We can pinpoint the location of these so underground lines can be accessed with minimal digging (under driveways, decks, patios...).

Sewer Main Video Inspections

For real estate transactions, helping you avoid costly repairs before purchasing a property.

Outside & Driveway Drains

Sometimes inside the house everything is running smoothly, but your outdoor drains are the ones that are not.

Toilets & Urinals

Whether an inquisitive child has purposely flushed something down the drain, or you have absolutely no idea why it is backing up.

Grease Traps

Grease is a huge component of clogged lines in restaurants.


Whether you're the homeowner or the landlord; maybe you're calling for your elderly relative or neighbor; it could even be your second home and you're not there.


Restaurants, property management companies, office buildings alike encounter the same issues residents do.

Tree roots in lines
Hair clogging a line.
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